Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"How we learn" task

Hello dear all,
This was my experience teaching a young adult, with a pre-intermediate English level, at the university. I considered that her learning style was audio-visual. I got to this conclusion after observing carefully her performance in the different activities suggested. In the same way, following what Torres, I and Cárdenas, R. present in, the characteristics of visual and auditory learners originated from Bandler, R. and Grinder, J. shown below, were very similar to her behavior.
Those who prefer a visual learning style...
...look at the teacher's face intently looking at wall displays, books etc.
...often recognize words by sight
...use lists to organize their thoughts
...recall information by remembering how it was set out on a page
Those who prefer an auditory learning style... the teacher to provide verbal instructions dialogues, discussions and plays
...solve problems by talking about them
...use rhythm and sound as memory aids
Taking into account Dale’s cone she generally remembered more when watching moving pictures, viewing exhibits and when watching demonstrations. Then, she was able to demonstrate, apply and practice easily.
In my lessons, I always tried to support her learning style by offering activities related to her learning style. I took images and demonstrating videos, songs and movies, I proposed her to create dialogues and discuss about certain topics.
In general, I could evidence that she had improved every day her performance and her attitude and I believe it was thanks to the discovery of her learning style and the action taken to carry out activities suitable for her learning style.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Recipy activity

In this activity, proposed by my teacher, the important point was to do something new and learn autonomously, and the idea that came to my mind was related with baking pancakes.

In this first webpage suggested,, they were asking for LAND O LAKES® products. I think they are not easy to find here and may be expensive. In the second webpage suggested,, although it is appealing for me everything seemed to complex. In the third webpage suggested,, I finally got an idea.

My mom just bought a pancake pot with a nice design and to tell you the true I don’t know how to do pancakes. I have always wanted to learn, but the simple reason of laziness and time constraints have not encouraged me to learn.

After reading the recipe provided in this webpage,, and looking at this video,, I began to do them.

Since I rarely visit my kitchen, my parents were a bit worried about it, but after I talk to them and told them that it was part of homework, they were interested in knowing about it and accompanied me until the end.

I began doing the mixture and to tell you the true I was a bit tired of stirring, because my wrists are not good these days, so at one moment I decided to stop and begin putting the liquid mixture in the frying pan. The first one got burned and in the second try part of the liquid mixtures spill over, so I feel a bit disappointed and sad, but my parents motivated me and from the third try until I finish, the pancakes were giving off a good smell that motivated me a lot.

Finally, from the comments and some pictures I took, I could notice that you like them.

My expectations

After reviewing the syllabus and the course structure, my expectations regarding SOLRC II are:

1. To enhance the use of ICTs and Web 2.0 tools by creating something to encourage learner autonomy in my students. (Somewhere to keep and share all the resources I have by now)

2. To contribute to the course development and to plan my time accurately trying not to have delays.

3. To learn and to enjoy the course.

To fulfill my expectations, I will receive each task with a positive attitude, in order to spend the time required to review information, improve it researching a bit more and contributing to our collaborative learning environment.